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Today, law firms manage many forms of data
and it can be challenging to keep it all organized
and accessible, while keeping it secure. 

Law Firms trust us with their data, financial

transactions and client communication. 

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Agreements, eSignatures and Document management

Easily create retainers, obtain electronic signatures, store and organize case-related materials, including documents, images, medical records, statements, police reports, and insurance information.

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& Tasks

Stay organized and on top of your schedule by scheduling appointments or tasks with reminders and receiving notifications for upcoming events.

Tablet or iPad with CRM software on the screen

Notes, Logs, Time and

Easily record time and expenses with descriptive notes and generate reports based on client and case information.

Lead & Case management

Streamline organization, increase transparency, and ensure data security. Store all leads, client info, case details, and documents in a single, online platform.

Lawyer with pen in hand and contract in from of him

Process Automation & Workflows

Track client and case progress and milestones effortlessly with workflows. Connect them to tasks and client communication for a seamless case management process

Lawyer with document and pen in her hand explaining it to a client

Client Communications: Email, Audio, SMS, & Video Conferencing

An integrated suite of communication tools including email, audio, SMS, and video conferencing to effectively communicate with clients. Stay connected and collaborate with clients in real-time, regardless of location.

Two lawyers reviewing documents

If your current case management process and software are not optimized, let's talk!

We look forward to showing you how our cloud-based software solutions are helping businesses and law firms mange more clients, more securely and efficiently. 

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