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Why National Data Systems?




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Our Solutions have helped law firms scale and manage more clients with less human resources.

What We Offer

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Data Management

Get organized, improve visibility and keep your data secure.  Keep track of all your leads, clients, case details and documents in one online system.
If your current case management processes and software
are not optimized, we can help.
Easily track all medical and lien information in one place.  Upload medical bills, notes, settlement offers, settlements and more.

Communication Management


Optimize communication with your clients. Improve internal and client communication related to tasks, case status, action items and more. 

Finance Management


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Software Solutions For Businesses and Law Firms

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"As a business consultant, I help my clients improve their lead management, sales processes, workflow and reporting, which results in more enrollments and increased revenue.  LeadTrac is the software system that I recommend to my clients" 

JM - Business Consultant

Debt Settlement

Improve lead management, intake, sales, creditor and debt management, how you handle documents, agreements, esingatures, negotiations, settlements reporting and more...

Law Firms

Manage more leads, convert more clients, manage more data more efficiently and win more cases. 

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