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Are you launching a new project or looking
to scale your debt settlement business?

Let's talk and we'll show you how we can help you optimize your debt settlement business processes.


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Optimize how you manage
and track your debt settlement data.


Optimize program quoting, payment plan generation, negotiations, and settlement management.


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Optimize client communication with e-signatures, email, audio messages, SMS text messaging, and client portals.

Front & Back End Debt Settlement Solutions

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Sales and Lead Management

Streamline your lead tracking process, simplify sales operations, and generate agreements for client signature with ease. Take advantage of shortened sales cycles, increased win rates, and sustained revenue growth.
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Negotiations and Settlements

Optimize settlement timing and offers, streamline negotiations, manage and track settlements and accelerate time to revenue. 

Business Process Automation

Improve operational efficiency, standardize department processes, and increase accountability / visibility. Easily log, track, and report by user, group, team, department, and company.
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Customer Service

Improve client communication with email, audio and SMS/text messages, increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and expand revenue opportunities. 
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We work with companies of any size and we provide technology solutions that help them optimize the management of debt settlement data, finance, and communication. 
Whether your business is new to the debt settlement arena and wants to start with a streamlined set of front and back end features, or if you are a larger rapidly growing enterprise in need of a comprehensive end-to-end solution, LeadTrac can help. The use of customizable departmental workflows along with several options for automation, makes LeadTrac extremely flexible and can help businesses gain visibility and improve efficiency and accountability across each department. 

Payment Processor Integrations

  • Global Client Solutions (GCS)
  • Reliant Account Management (RAM) 
  • CFTPay
  • EPPS

Other Tools to Optimize Debt Settlement

  • Form and document management 
  • Electronic signatures
  • Client portals
  • Fax & document queues for inbound document management
  • Email, audio, and SMS text messaging
  • Credit data management
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