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If your current software solution is not optimized to allow you to easily manage your data, financial transactions and client communication, let's talk!



Your business works with data. 
Optimize how it's managed.



Optimize quoting and payment plans.

Enjoy the flexbility of having customzed field sets to organize data and streamline intake, enrollments and sales with LeadTrac™.  Utilize powerful, configurable workflows by department to keep employees, tasks and client relationships on track. 

  • client relationship management (CRM)

  • marketing and lead tracking by campaign and source

  • lead distribution & management

  • how agreements and documents are handled and stored

  • logs, notes, appointment reminders and tasks

  • message with clients with SMS, email & client portals

  • sending of documents for esignatures

  • tracking debts, creditors and contacts

  • negotiations and settlements

  • reporting and executive dashboard views

  • manage more data and more clients more efficiently

  • electronic signatures

  • click to call with call recording options

  • video conferencing

  • client portals

  • fax out documents

  • document queues for receiving client docs 

Quote clients from one or multiple programs or services and generate and manage monthly recurring payment plan, draft or settlement plans.    
Connect to payment gateways and payment processors for efficient payment processing and automated communication between systems.
Gain valuable insights into finances such as company sales productivity, payment tracking, revenue, forecasting and more... 



Improve internal and client communicaton with a sophisticated, yet user friendly combination of high quality FlexNote messaging features. 

Optimize client communication.

Have you incorporated SMS / text messaging? 

71% of consumers say using text messaging to communicate with a business is effective.

  • SMS/text messaging

  • Email messaging 

  • Audio messaging to cell and land lines

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85% of customers prefer receiving text messages over a phone call or email.

97% of companies found they communicated with consumers more efficiently after launching texting initiatives. 


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