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If your current software solution is not optimized to allow you to easily manage your data, financial transactions and client communication, let's talk. 

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Optimize quoting and payment plans.

Effortlessly create quotes for your clients covering one or multiple programs or services, and manage monthly recurring payment plans, drafts, and settlement plans with ease.

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Optimize client communications.

Enhance internal and client communications with a user-friendly yet sophisticated set of FlexNote messaging features for premium quality communications.

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Your business works with data. 
Optimize how it's managed. 

Maximize efficiency and streamline data organization with LeadTrac™'s customizable field sets for intake, enrollment, and sales processes. Utilize department-specific, configurable workflows to keep employees, tasks, and client relationships organized and on track.

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Have you incorporated SMS / text messaging?


of consumers say using text messaging to communicate with a business is effective.


of consumers prefer receiving text

messages over a phone call or email.


of companies communicated with

consumers more efficiently after

texting initiatives.

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