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Our flexible, feature rich debt settlement solution allows for efficient management of front end lead management and sales, back end servicing, negotiation and settlement management, as well as affiliate management.

Our flexible, feature rich debt settlement software / debt settlement CRM improves the efficiency of your front-end lead management and sales, back end servicing, negotiation and settlement management, as well as affiliate management and legal network access.

Law firms like any other business need to manage their prospective clients (leads), the intake process, client interaction, data and case specifics, agreements, documents, payment plans, time and expenses and more. 

LeadTrac can help. 

Companies that provide document preparation and related services to consumers who need assistance with student loan consolidations, can utilize LeadTrac to help them manage leads, clients, agreements, consolidation program info. and much more.




Mortgage professionals and real estate companies have tremendous incentives to ensure they are efficiently and effectively managing any and all leads, referrals and client inquiries as each new client will have high dollar value transactions, so no leads should be wasted.  LeadTrac helps these businesses improve lead management and conversions into clients.  

Our technology platform and features can help Receivers manage assets, financial data, contacts, documents, files, agreements, tasks, payment plans, deadlines and keep other information organized, secure and easily accessible based on roles and permissions. 

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Most businesses do or should utilize a lead, sales and CRM solution.  LeadTrac can help most any business Optimize Business Processes and improve the management of data along with increasing the companies visibility into who is doing what and holding people accountable based on business processes, rules and best practices.

Use Case - Business to Business SEO & Website Sales

Several businesses who sell websites and SEO / marketing services to other businesses, utilize LeadTrac to manage their business leads, clients, quoting and tracking of services purchased by each client and they also manage their clients payment plans and payment processing via credit card and ACH.  This Leadtrac solution is a very organized, streamlined effective way for these businesses to have a central system to manage and grow their business. 


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