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Bankruptcy Attorneys are adding Debt Settlement to their practice.

The addition of Debt Settlement services to a Bankruptcy firm may sound complex, but we have a roadmap and what can be profitable solutions! 

Law Firms trust us with their data, financial

transactions and client communication. 

Why add Debt Settlement to your Bankruptcy Law firm? 

  • Provide your clients with more options, in case Bankruptcy isn't the right solution.

  • Generate revenue from clients that could have been lost

  • Keep longer term relationships with clients and potentially generate more revenue than from a one time Bankruptcy service. 

How do I get started? 

  • Let's talk, and we can explain how attorneys are learning debt settlement, adding it to their practice and generating additional revenue.   Some are adding litigation defense services, servicing their clients and generating even more revenue with these services. 

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If your current case management process and software are not optimized, let's talk!

We look forward to showing you how our cloud-based software solutions are helping businesses and law firms mange more clients, more securely and efficiently. 
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Contact Us:
p: (714) 459-5815

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