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Our  CRM & Case Management software solutions help businesses and law firms scale and manage more clients with less resources.

What We Offer

Technology solutions for managing data, finances and client communication

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Image reads "ServiceTrac" and is the name of one of our services

Finance Management

Effortlessly centralize financial information in one location for easy access. You can upload bills, notes, settlement offers, settlements, and other important details with ease, providing you with a comprehensive view of all your important data.

Image reads "LeadTrac" and is the name of our CRM software service

Data Management

Streamline your workflow, enhance transparency and secure your information. Centralize your lead tracking, client management, case details, and documentation within a single online platform.

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Image reads "FlexNote" and is the name of a service we provide

Communication Management

Improve the way you communicate with clients and boost overall efficiency. Our solution streamlines internal and client communication on tasks, case status updates, action items, and more, ensuring that everyone stays informed and on the same page.

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How our solutions help businesses and law firms

"As a business consultant, I help my clients improve their lead management, sales processes, workflow and reporting, which results in more enrollments and increased revenue.  LeadTrac is the software system that I recommend to my clients" 

JM - Business Consultant

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Debt Settlement

Streamline lead management, sales processes, creditor and debt handling, document organization, agreement generation, e-signature capabilities, negotiations, settlement reporting, and more for enhanced efficiency.

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Law Firms

Optimize the way you manage leads, convert prospects into clients, handle case data with efficiency, and win more legal battles by having all the information you need in one centralized platform. 

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