Can I see a software demo?

Absolutely! Fill out the contact form or call us at (714) 459- 5815 or send an email to and we'd love to show you how LeadTrac can help you Optimize Business Processes.

How much does LeadTrac cost?

We have basic and more advanced versions of LeadTrac as well as many optional features like video conferencing, client portals and SMS text messaging.


Contact for a custom quote.

How quickly can I start using LeadTrac?

We can set up LeadTrac systems quickly and we’ll provide training and support. Let’s talk about your project and we can give you specifics.


Do you offer software training and support?

We provide initial training, have ongoing training options, videos, and support material, and we have a skilled, dedicated support team ready to assist.


Email or give us a call (714) 459-5815.

Does LeadTrac have an API?

Yes. Clients and authorized 3rd party solution providers can benefit from connecting their applications and systems to LeadTrac via our API. 

Is LeadTrac integrated with other software solutions?

Yes. LeadTrac has API integrations with many 3rd party solution providers like payment gateways and payment processors, electronic signature providers and more...   Contact us for more information.