Case Management Software

Law Firms trust us with their data, financial transactions and client communication.

Organize and secure your case data

Keep track of all your leads, clients, case details and documents in one online system.

Case Management Software
Law Firm Document Management

Document and form management

Generate retainers, send for electronic signatures, and upload and manage case documents, photos, medical records, statements, police reports, insurance information and more...

Track time and expenses by case

Input time and expenses with notes and run reports by client and case.

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Attorney Appointments

Appointment and task reminders

Schedule appointments or tasks with reminders and stay organized, on task and get reminders of upcoming things to do.

Client portal

Communicate securely with clients through their online account (client portal).

Make documents available to clients and let them upload case files from their portal into their case file. 

Increase transparency and improve client satisfaction with an online account. 

Law Firm Client Portal
CRM workflow

Got workflow or no flow?

Workflows are extremely valuable for tracking the status of every lead, case and important milestones.  Link workflows to tasks and client communication and you could have a well-oiled case management machine. 

Improve visibility and accountability and make sure that no lead, case or client communication opportunity is missed.

If your current case management process and software are not optimized, let's talk!

We look forward to showing you how our cloud-based software solutions are helping businesses and law firms manage more clients, more securely and efficiently.

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