Optimize your debt settlement business processes. 

See how LeadTrac can help you improve how your business manages, tracks and converts leads into clients. 

If you are doing sales and back end processing, negotiations and settlements, we have a comprehensive solution that can help you improve all areas. 


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Debt or tax lead and client management


Businesses who purchase and manage Tax leads can more efficiently track and convert leads into clients with LeadTrac.   Use automatic lead assignment, reminders, messages to clients, reporting and more to improve the return on your tax lead investment. 

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Debt Settlement Software


LeadTrac is a leading web-based technology platform for debt settlement / debt resolution.   We provide our business clients with a comprehensive set of front and back end features that help streamline lead management, enrollment, document management, electronic signatures, payment plan management and we have integrations with the industries leading payment processing companies. 


Student Loan Consolidation


Our web-based platform for student loan document preparation and related work is designed to help companies improve visibility and internal accountability as it relates to the status of a clients file, who's responsible and to help ensure the client is being kept up to date on their file and activities related to work on it. 


Mortgage & Real Estate


With the mortgage industry being so competitive, companies need to ensure they are providing clients with fast and efficient information and communication 




Lead generators and publishers, SEO businesses, call centers and others that provide advertising and marketing related services to other businesses rely on LeadTrac for many aspects of their business.

Legal Industry Solutions

Technology is being embraced and utilized by Law Firms and Attorneys like never before.   Our solutions help them more easily receive and manage leads, contact prospective clients, manage the intake and interview process, organize and manage retainers and client / case related documents and much more....




Our web-based software is flexible and configurable, so it is ideal for businesses in many verticals.



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