Business Consultant Case Study


Company:  CoAction Insight Group


The Business:

CoAction Insight Group provides businesses, primarily in the financial services sector, with business process, sales management and data analytics consulting related services. 


The Challenge:

As CoAction begins a new consulting engagement, they often realize that a company is using a legacy software platform or one that has not been tailored or configured in a way that truly aligns with and supports their various departments and departmental processes.  In these scenarios, CoAction works with the business and the software platform in an effort to get the two aligned, but the software solutions often have limitations, complicated coding needed to modify or require a massive financial investment to customize the software.


The Solution:

When a company is willing to evolve and it makes sense to change software platforms, CoAction often recommends LeadTrac, ServiceTrac and FlexNote to their clients.  These technologies can be cost effectively licensed, customized for any vertical or industry and have a sophisticated set of user friendly features that can help a business dramatically improve data management, departmental processes, visibility and accountability which can all support profitability.


The Result:

When CoAction’s consulting team have recommended and engaged with clients on the LeadTrac platform, the working relationship tends to be relatively long term as CoAction is able to help a company not only improve how their software supports their business, but the result has often been cost savings and increased revenues through CoAction and the companies ability to identify waste, inefficiencies and bottlenecks.  These improvements often allow the business to expand and add additional service offerings, departments and customers to the business which increase the value that CoAction brings, all supported by the LeadTrac platform.


"The LeadTrac platform has been one of the solutions that I frequently recommend to my clients.  Many businesses use a CRM or other types of software solutions to help them manage leads, sales pipelines, enrollment agreements, payments and other areas of their business, but they don’t always know how to maximize a software platform to give them the visibility they need.  LeadTrac makes this process easy for me to configure and set up for my business clients and the results are they are able to improve many areas of their business and processes.


Business Consultant


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